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Dec 4, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen, while still patiently waiting for Americans episodes have gotten into the Christmas spirit and watched the "Mission Impossible-style" Christmas movie, Arthur Christmas. We discuss Christmas tradition, family business dynamics and what Dave would look like with a mustache.

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Nov 5, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen get VERY SERIOUS about a tough subject. The most famous spouses in the spy world, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. We suggest you steal someone's HBO password and watch this documentary. If nothing else is a great conversation starter.

Sep 25, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen thought that since The Americans took a subtle nuanced approach to the issues surrounding biological weapons and deadly viruses, that we'd check out a movie that did the same. Unfortunately we picked Outbreak. There is one thing that this movie is infected with, and that is the 90s. We got in depth with this one, and we discussed Dick Tracy's car, an angry attitude towards fish, and a disease that targets  voluminous  curls. We highly suggest you watch this movie, enjoy this bonus episode, Outbreak.

Aug 13, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen are back with the thrilling (REALLY!) conclusion of The Night Manager.  We wrap up the mini series and discuss future plans.  We discuss minivan hideaways, Egyptian cuisine and British attitudes towards firearms.


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Aug 8, 2016

Mary Ellen and Dave take a trip to the haven as we continue our watch of the BBC Miniseries The Night Manager.  We discuss such topics as battlefield lingerie, hidden wire cutters and farming equipment.  Please enjoy the penultimate episode of The Night Manager

Jul 31, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen are back, and we are watching the night manager!  We dig deeper into some business this week, and we discuss hotel-room wall sex, lobster salad, and proper self defense with a knife.

Jul 25, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen are back in Mallorca, Spain spying on the likes of Dickie Roper with the help of our night manager friend Jonathan Thomas Pine Quince.  We discuss episode 3 and such topics as Bicycling government officials, skinny dipping etiquette and throwing rocks into the ocean.

Jul 16, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen get to episode 2 of the British drama The Night Manager.  They discuss how to look tough in England, tips on following instructions on medication, and charismatic CEOs with excellent memories.  We hope you enjoy!  Give us feedback at or give us a review on iTunes!

Jul 10, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen are over their season finale and basketball hangovers and back with some bonus episodes. We are watching the BBC series The Night manager based on the John LeCarre novel. We watched episode one and discussed secluded apartments, exceptional customer service and Egyptian maritime geography. We hope you enjoy! 

Jun 26, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen are back, albeit a bit late, with their season 4 wrap-up.  We go through our favorite, and least favorite moments, moments of shock, tension, and we have 3 special guest interviews.  We hope you enjoy the season wrap-up of The Jennings Basement

Jun 15, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen apologize for the delay, but Dave didn't have much of a voice.  But we made it today! and we have our thoughts on the season finale Persona Non Grata where we discuss cuddling with your mom, giant laundry baskets and Soviet mental institutions!

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Jun 5, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen break down episode 12 of season four, and are hoping for a major payoff next week.  We talk about dot matrix printers, Elizabeth being a choosy mom, and the Kenyan space program.

May 29, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen sit through awkward moment after awkward moment in this episode. We talk about Unexpected flowers, church flirting and have a Stan impression contest. Enjoy this episode Dinner for Seven

May 21, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen are saddened and shocked by this episode, but we must press on.  We discussed all sorts of details about this episode including Owls, the Big Lebowski and trends in kitchen countertops.

We hope you enjoy!


May 14, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen are seething with anger at the actions of various people this week.  They discuss leotards with thongs, porno tapes in stealthy sleeves, and a bottles of mysterious liquids on this week's episode The Day After.  So get a few families together and sit and listen to The Jannings Basement.

May 7, 2016

Wow, that is a long title for this week's episode!  Dave and Mary Ellen take 7 months to break down this episode.  We have a good time talking about Amway, Marriage Fights and a simpler time when movies were 90 minutes long.  We also discuss The Americans here and there including listener feedback. Enjoy!

Apr 30, 2016

Martha Martha Martha!  Dave and Mary Ellen talk a lot about Martha this episode!  And you should be happy we do.  We talk about lots of stuff in this episode including banana clips, hidey holes and shitty night shift employees.  Please enjoy this episode for Travel Agents

Apr 23, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen rejoice as The Americans regain their form. Some tense moments, some detective work and some kick ass Martha.  Enjoy as we discuss apartment leases, omelettes and a travel agent's office staffed by rats.

Apr 16, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen just watched Clark's Place, and they have some mixed feelings.  We discuss the arrival of Matthew, Stan wanted to watch Philip and Elizabeth have sex, and considered some other Queen songs that could have been applied to other scenes from The Americans, 


Apr 9, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen don't have much pep when it comes to this episode, maybe we just aren't catching the Fever.  We discuss a dark episode 4 and the topics of rope ladders, being out of milk and promises of Matthew. 

Apr 3, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen have caught Americans Fever!  And we know there is no cure for that, save for maybe a Nina dream sequence.  We talk about all sorts of things this episode, including bad cologne, Disney kids, and Alan Arkin's country of origin!  

Mar 26, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen have some thoughts on episode 402, and you should too!  We discuss Czech pilots, altoids tins and picture Elizabeth kicking ass at an EST meeting.

Mar 19, 2016

OMG The Americans is (are?) back!!  Dave and Mary Ellen discuss the first episode of season four and cover such topics as guilty up-dos, weaponized cologne and two black labradors.

Mar 5, 2016

Dave and Mary Ellen are excited, and you should be too!  They run down their thoughts on season 3, and get prepped for season four! 

Feb 21, 2016

In the last installment of our movie series before the start of season 4, Dave and Mary Ellen set out to LEARN something for a change and we watched the documentary The Man Nobody Knew about former CIA director William Colby. 


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